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Risk Assessment and Modeling

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Risk Assessment and Modeling techniques are used to realistically evaluate the potential for exposure to residual chemicals of concern in soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, and air.

The risk assessment approach focuses on identifying reasonable pathways and receptors and results in:

  • Developing site-specific or chemical specific clean-up levels,
  • Identifying critical pathways that may require further action, and/or
  • Evaluating risk for scenarios other than those assumed in developing generic standards.

SAS's Experience Includes:

  • Risk assessments under a variety of regulatory programs including the Ohio VAP, BUSTR, and RCRA.
  • Completion of numerous risk assessments that have been submitted to BUSTR. The majority of these have either received No Further Action (NFAs) or have NFAs pending.
  • Completion of various risk assessment and modeling projects in support of Ohio VAP projects.
  • Risk assessment as part of the due diligence process for commercial/industrial properties.
  • Groundwater modeling for optimizing remediation alternatives.


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