If it is determined during the Phase II ESA that soil, groundwater, or other media contains hazardous substances and/or petroleum products at concentrations above allowable regulatory levels, then remediation services may be necessary. We are experienced in both ex-situ and in-situ remediation alternatives. To successfully remediate a site, we implement and operate systems using the following technologies.

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Soil Vapor Extraction

Air Sparging

Groundwater pump and treatment

Separate phase product recovery

Soil removal

Pilot testing

System installation

Operation & maintenance


I can’t say “thank you” enough for yesterday’s service. The agency was inspecting the control panel as the final test was being completed. You saved my butt. Please pass along my thanks to everyone.

Gary, Santek Waste Services

Great job all. It is easy to take for granted that you can be counted on to rise to the occasion, but this type of accomplishment definitely deserves special recognition. Teamwork in action is a fantastic thing and you have set a new standard with this result. Thanks so much for your efforts on this important project.

Clarke, Republic Services, Inc.