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SAS Environmental, Inc. provides leachate and gas collection system installation, maintenance, and on-call repair services.  Our experienced staff is able to promptly troubleshoot leachate collection and gas extraction system problems in a timely manner.  Adaptability is one of our strengths that allows us to respond to the unique needs of individual clients.  Our landfill services sector staff possess a diverse set of skills and experience, allowing us to assemble project teams suited to the requirements of each project as well as provide individual solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

SAS’s principal partner and landfill services team have over 40 years of combined experience in municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition debris (C&DD), and industrial landfills operation and maintenance and environmental compliance. SAS’s client list includes major, county and privately owned landfills.

SAS’s landfill technician staff is available on an "as needed" basis to perform maintenance to leachate collection system as unforeseen emergencies arise. SAS understands the regulatory constraints under which landfills operate and are able to provide same or next day service. If required, most replacement parts can be obtained within 24 hours as SAS maintains a plentiful stock of control panel level displays, pressure transducers, floats, stainless steel and HDPE fittings to accomodate most common repairs.  SAS also has a fleet of HDPE welders to make immediate repairs and/or modifications to pumping systems.

SAS demonstrates strong experience and expertise in a variety of operations and maintence of leachate collection and gas extraction systems including:

  • On-call emergency maintenance for non-functioning, or improperly functioning leachate collection systems
  • Jet cleaning of leachate riser and clean out of lines
  • Routine leachate pump cleaning and maintenance to prolong operational lifespan
  • Inspection and repair of leachate collection system, control systems and panels to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation
  • Leachate control panel installation and maintenance
  • Tank storage systems inspection and maintenance
  • Groundwater monitoring, compliance sampling and statistical reporting
  • Gas collection system operation and maintenance
  • Leachate collection and pump system installations, repair and upgrades
  • Trenching and Excavation
  • HDPE piping installation
  • Wheel wash system installation and maintenance
  • Surface water management system inspections and maintenance
  • Leachate treatment system design, operation and maintenance
  • Sediment pond aeration pump installation and maintenance

SAS’s landfill staff is certified in the following areas:

  • Pump Maintenance
  • HDPE Piping Fusion
  • Landfill Gas Operation and Maintenance
  • Confined Space Entry

Mark V. Allen (Chief Executive Officer) has provided environmental assessment and remediation support services (as a former employee of oil corporations and environmental consulting firms) in the Great Lakes Region since 1981. He has directed and managed complex environmental assessment and remediation projects in a variety of regulatory contexts. For more than twenty years, his focus has been directed toward the design, installation, and operations and maintenance of in-situ soil and groundwater remediation systems, and landfill leachate and gas collection systems. He is well-versed in developing cost-effective remediation strategies, and evaluating remediation systems developed by others. He also has extensive experience with oversight of other consultants.

Matt G. Geissinger (Project Manager, Landfill Operations) has over 16 years of experience in environmental consulting and landfill operations. He has overseen drilling operations, performed soil and groundwater sampling, conducted aquifer testing, and maintained and operated various pumping and vapor extraction systems. As a project manager, he has experience with project cost estimation, equipment operation and maintenance, permit preparation, data review and validation, field oversight, and regulatory agency interaction. He has also been responsible for technical report preparation, including health and safety plans, sampling, monitoring and compliance reports, as well as SPCC plans.

Jim Mix (Landfill Services Field Supervisor) has over 16 years of experience working with landfill leachate and gas collection systems. He is well versed in the operation and troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical control systems. He trains and supervises technicians in the proper operation and maintenance of the various pumps, blowers, and control equipment comprising leachate, gas, and remediation systems. He has also implemented innovative solutions to increase system performance and reduce operating costs.

Michael Reynolds (Landfill Technician) has over five years of experience working with landfill leachate and gas collection system maintenance and installation.  He is well versed in troubleshooting control panels and electrical control systems.

Additional Landfill personnel include: Chuck Brewster (Landfill Technician) who has over two years of experience with SAS.  Sean H. Brandt (Field Technician) is new to SAS this year but brings a breadth of experience earned in the military and through recent coursework with electrical systems and troubleshooting electrical issues. 


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