We offer complete landfill leachate collection system design, installation, maintenance, and repair. Since our first landfill project in 1996, it has been our business to provide cost effective solutions to keep pumping systems operating at their peak efficiency.

CONTACT US to discuss how SAS Environmental, LTD. can help you with any of the following services:


  • On-call emergency maintenance for non- or improperly functioning leachate collection systems
  • Leachate pump systems and related component installation
  • Routine leachate collection system inspections to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation
  • Leachate pump cleaning to prolong operational lifespan
  • Leachate control panel installation and maintenance
  • Tank storage systems inspection and maintenance
  • Gas collection systems operation and maintenance
  • Leachate treatment system design, operation, and maintenance
  • Surface water management systems inspection and maintenance
  • Jet cleaning of leachate riser and clean out lines
  • Sediment pond aeration pump installation and maintenance


Whether it is a new cell installation or an upgrade of an aging pump and control system, we provide complete pumping systems at your facility. From a simple single pump lift station, to a complete site leachate collection system with wireless telemetry and mobile phone alerts, we can design a system to operate to your specifications.

We provide the highest quality leachate riser pumps and motors at nearly half the cost of our competitors. We provide Teflon fitted leachate riser pumps and motors that can be obtained the same day. This timely acquisition of parts means we are able to get malfunctioning leachate risers back up and running with quality components in record time.


Our trained and qualified technicians will diagnose a problem and swiftly get the pumping system back up and running. We provide most pump ends and motors within 24 hours to facilitate faster repairs and ensured compliance.


In the world of leachate pumping systems, regular maintenance of pumps, motors, flow meters, and control systems is necessary to prevent non-compliance. We can tailor a maintenance schedule for your leachate pumping system to keep it running at maximum efficiency and reduce downtime and repairs.


If you need a mechanism to deactivate pumps to keep a tank from overfilling, or you want cell phone notifications if a sump is at a high level, we can provide a wireless telemetry system to fit your needs. We have experience installing a wide range of wireless systems to help prevent spills, or to provide notification alerts of system failures.


We maintain a stock of tranducers, level displays, flow meters, float switches, stainless steel fittings, and HDPE pipe and fittings to accommodate common repairs without the wait time. We also have a fleet of HDPE welders to make immediate repairs and modifications to pumping systems.


Clogged or fouled force main lines exhaust pumps and result in premature pump failures. We provide line jet cleaning of force main lines to keep systems running efficiently. We also perform cleaning and inspection of landfill clean-out lines to fulfill annual regulatory requirements at your site.


We have skilled technicians to offer installation and maintenance for a sediment pond pump system or a pond pump aeration system.


I can’t say “thank you” enough for yesterday’s service. The agency was inspecting the control panel as the final test was being completed. You saved my butt. Please pass along my thanks to everyone.

Gary, Santek Waste Services

Great job all. It is easy to take for granted that you can be counted on to rise to the occasion, but this type of accomplishment definitely deserves special recognition. Teamwork in action is a fantastic thing and you have set a new standard with this result. Thanks so much for your efforts on this important project.

Clarke, Republic Services, Inc.