Environmental due diligence is conducted for the purpose of assessing a property involved in a real estate transaction for the presence of contamination. Contamination may represent a significant financial and legal liability to the parties involved, so it is imperative to evaluate real estate according to industry professional standards.

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A Phase I ESA is for clients involved in real estate property transactions. These services are typically required by lending institutions when financing commercial, industrial, or agricultural property. The Phase I ESA establishes the Innocent Landowner Defense, whereby prospective buyers have the opportunity to determine whether recognized environmental conditions (RECs) exist at the property.

  • All Phase I ESAs are conducted in accordance with the widely accepted ASTM E 1527 standard.


We can tailor our due diligence assessments to meet the needs of the client and lending institution. For those who do not need to perform a full ASTM Phase I ESA, the ASTM Transaction Screen (ASTM E1528-06) and Limited Environmental Review (LER) offer cost effective alternatives.


A Phase II ESA is recommended if there are environmental concerns identified in the Phase I ESA, and can include the collection and analysis of surficial and sub-surface soil, groundwater, and soil vapor samples. These investigations may require the installation of monitoring wells,  indoor air sampling, and asbestos/lead sampling.


We provide Facility Compliance Audits and Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) Audits. Facility audits focus on compliance issues related to permitting physical operations, waste disposal, and SPCC (spill prevention, control, and countermeasure) plans.


VI is a process by which chemicals in soil or groundwater, especially Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), migrate to indoor air above or adjacent to a contaminated site. We have completed numerous indoor air and sub slab assessments as well as vapor abatement.


Risk Assessment and Monitoring techniques are used to realistically evaluate the potential for exposure to residual chemicals of concern in soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, and air. The risk assessment approach focuses on identifying reasonable pathways and receptors, and results in developing site-specific or chemical-specific clean-up levels, identifying critical pathways that may require further action, and evaluating risk for scenarios other than those assumed in developing generic standards. We have successfully completed BUSTR and EPA risk assessments which have resulted in our clients receiving no further action or covenant not to sue status.


By interfacing with various regulatory agencies and their established programs, the Brownfield can be turned into a viable economic asset. We partner with the EPA’s Brownfields program to achieve the USEPA’s Brownfield mission.

Under the Brownfield Program, we provide the following types of services:

  • General consulting by a professional geologist or an Ohio Certified Professional (CP)
  • Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments and Risk Assessments
  • Interaction with Ohio EPA to obtain Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) under Ohio VAP
  • Issuance of NFA letters under the Ohio VAP


I have been using SAS for my environmental inspection needs since 2010. They were referred to me by a co-worker. They always do a great job and deliver on or before their commitment date. I won’t use anyone else.

Mario Abbattista, Huntington National Bank

SAS Environmental is very highly recommended. They are the most responsive Environmental Firm we work with, while also being a very cost effective solution for our client’s needs, whether it be for Transaction Screens, Phase I or Phase II services. As a Bank, we feel that we are getting high-quality reports and advice from SAS and value them as one of our trusted advisors.

Jamie Taylor, S&T Bank

SAS Environmental is the preferred environmental consulted for the Dalad Group. SAS has always been very responsive to our needs and those of our lenders, whether it has been for Phase I, Phase II, or asbestos services. As a developer, we are commonly under short time constraints for our due diligence. SAS has always been willing to meet project time requirements, their work has always been accepted by our lenders, and letters of Reliance and updates to prior work to support financial requirements has been seamless.

Keith Masters, Dalad Group

SAS has done a great job assisting us in the acquisition of real estate to support our growth. They are extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and they deliver their results on schedule.

Peter Bastulli, Famous Supply

I can’t say “thank you” enough for yesterday’s service. The agency was inspecting the control panel as the final test was being completed. You saved my butt. Please pass along my thanks to everyone.

Gary, Santek Waste Services

Great job all. It is easy to take for granted that you can be counted on to rise to the occasion, but this type of accomplishment definitely deserves special recognition. Teamwork in action is a fantastic thing and you have set a new standard with this result. Thanks so much for your efforts on this important project.

Clarke, Republic Services, Inc.